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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fit Fibonacci Diet™

The primary goal in Step One is to regulate the insulin causing you to store body fat. It was not by accident, where we store fat. Women generally store fat in the lower body and men in their belly.

Here are few things I want you to do before you follow Step One.

  1. Get a medical check up. A full check up with your doctor.
  2. Take tape measurements. For the men, I recommend belly button circumference measurement. For the ladies, I recommend taking measurements in these areas: belly button, waist, and hips and thighs. Make sure you have the same person measure you because they “should” know the exact areas where they measured you.
  3. Take pictures of before and after if you want to track your results.

You will need these baselines to see if you on the right path or not. So let us begin and get into the heart of this Diet.

What is on the menu, Coach?

  1. Animal Protein (meats, fish, poultry)
  2. Fruits (all kinds)
  3. Vegetables (all kinds)
  4. nuts (one handful is one serving size; only two handful a day)
  5. water
  6. teas, coffee
  7. olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil

What is not on the menu, Coach?

  1. Sugar (all refined sugars are off limits, including honey, and other sugar substitutes)
  2. dairy (no cheese, no milk products, no creamers, no yogurt)
  3. no grains (no breads, no rice, no pastas)
  4. no legume (no peanuts, no corn, no beans, no soy products)
  5. no alcohol (do I need to explain this one?)
  6. no junk food or dried fruits (do I need to explain this one?
  7. No drugs. (smoking pots makes you eat more shit!)

The Restoration Period TRP( 6Am-9AM).


The focus is combining animal based protein with fresh fruit.

The combination is endless if you think about it.

The focus in this meal is eating as much fruit as possible in TRP. Eat enough organic fresh local fruit as much as you can afford. Second is adding lean animal based protein along your consumption of fruit.

TRP golden ratio is 80% fruit/20% animal based protein for stage one.


  1. three bananas and two eggs
  2. blue berries (in a bowl with almond milk) with 4-6 oz steak.
  1. Two lb of papaya with grilled chicken breast
  1. baked 4-6 oz salmon with side of pineapple

If you are going to eat anything after breakfast as a snack during TRP, then eat fruit.

The Energetic Period TEP (9am-5pm)

Lunch time, yes?

Your lunch should have these foods animal based protein, veggies, and fruit.

The focus in this time period is eating as much raw or lightly cooked veggies as you can. I want you to pile up on the veggies.

TEP golden ratio is 50% veggies, 40% animal based protein, and 10% fruit.


  1. steamed veggies with chicken and one apple
  2. mixed green salad with an animal based protein and one fruit
  3. half the plate should have veggies, 1/2 meats, 1/2 fruit
  4. raw veggies with cooked meats and one fruit.

If you want to snack after lunch during this period, then, please eat a handful of almonds, walnuts, and, etc. Remember no peanuts. You should also try to snack on raw veggies.

The Building Period (TBP) 5PM-9PM

Dinner time.

Your dinner should have these elements animal based protein and veggies. NO fruits.Please focus on eating more animal based protein and good fats. Eat as much animal based protein as you can at this cycle.

TBP golden ratio is 60% protein and 40% veggies.

I think I don’t need to provide examples for dinner. Everyone should look at their plate and see a yummy dead animal on one side and the other half has veggies.

If you get hungry or want to snack after dinner, please only eat animal based protein such as animal jerky, slices of roasted chicken or turkey, boiled eggs.

How long should you stay on STEP ONE?

This depends on you. I recommend staying on Step One for 30-90 days before moving to Step two. Remember there are six phases to FFD.

I promise you will see a huge difference in body fat composition, but pay close attention to my recommended golden ratio for your meals and nutrition time cycles.

If there are any questions, please contact me here.

Your Coach,

Bao Tran

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